Jezza’s rest­ing on stolen lau­rels

The Scottish Mail on Sunday - - Comment -

I WATCHED Jeremy Cor­byn’s new ad for the Labour Party – and it was two mins of my life I’ll never get back. My ob­jec­tion? Ev­ery sin­gle achieve­ment he hailed – from the foun­da­tion of the NHS to the Good Fri­day Agree­ment via de­vo­lu­tion – had noth­ing to do with him (such a com­mon male syn­drome there’s even a new word for it: ‘he-peat­ing’ is when a woman has an idea and ev­ery­one ig­nores it, then a man re­peats her ex­act same idea to rap­tur­ous ac­claim). I want to see at least some scars on the Labour leader’s own back be­fore his next emis­sion, please.

PS. The new leader of Haringey Coun­cil is a Mo­men­tum fel­low who de­clared him­self ‘proud and hum­bled’ to be elected. Pah! I do wish winners ev­ery­where just said ‘Thanks! I de­served this’ in their ac­cep­tance speeches.

Bafta winners tonight might take note.

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