The coun­try has wo­ken up to the new nasty party

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I be­lieve the root cause of Labour’s lo­cal elec­tion dis­as­ter was not the loss of the Jewish vote in Lon­don, or its fail­ure to at­tract the Ukip vote across the coun­try, but some­thing more sin­is­ter.

Jeremy Cor­byn’s fail­ure to ad­dress his party’s anti-Semitism, his com­ments on the gas and nerve agent at­tacks in Syria and Sal­is­bury re­spec­tively, and his tacit con­don­ing of Mo­men­tum’s abu­sive in­ter­net trolling has turned Labour into the new ‘nasty party’, and vot­ers are fi­nally wak­ing up to it. Roy Daniels, Lu­ton I am a Labour sup­porter but I agree with Lord Blun­kett’s re­cent call for the party to have more widespread ap­peal.

The on­go­ing scan­dal of an­tiSemitism within Labour, and the party’s lack of clear plans on Brexit, dam­aged it in the lo­cal elec­tions.

The mod­er­ates need to get rid of the fa­nat­ics and hyp­ocrites and start tak­ing con­trol again.

And they should stop all this sim­per­ing to young peo­ple, which is what Jeremy Cor­byn seems to spend a lot of time do­ing. In­stead they should come up with good poli­cies and ideas. V. de Bheal, Lon­don David Blun­kett is liv­ing in cloud cuckoo land if he be­lieves that peo­ple like my­self will fall for his New Labour II. The re­ally bad news for him is that I never ac­tu­ally sup­ported its pre­de­ces­sor, New Labour I, in the first place.

I be­lieve the British peo­ple are grow­ing truly weary of mid­dleof-the-road ide­olo­gies that have caused so much of our cul­ture, in­dus­try and en­ter­prise to evap­o­rate in a cloud of smug, rul­ing-class in­dif­fer­ence.

To whom can we turn in­stead, when the Tories and Lib­eral Democrats are just slightly dif­fer­ent shades of the same colour?

I just hope the vac­uum is filled with some­thing in­spir­ing and em­pow­er­ing. But I shan’t be hold­ing my breath. Don Broad, Dart­ford, Kent Lord Blun­kett made it plain that he doesn’t like the di­rec­tion of Labour un­der the lead­er­ship of Mr Cor­byn. I would like to hear his an­swer to one ques­tion: if Cor­byn or a sim­i­lar re­place­ment is lead­ing Labour at the next Gen­eral Elec­tion, would he still vote for them? Terry Payne, Banstead, Sur­rey I wel­come Lord Blun­kett’s call for Labour mod­er­ates to ‘take up cud­gels’ against Cor­byn, but MPs have shown time and again that they are not will­ing to do so. A. Free­man, Sus­sex Lord Blun­kett sneers at Jeremy Cor­byn for his fail­ure to paint Lon­don ‘red’ after Tory dif­fi­cul­ties with the Win­drush scan­dal.

He has clearly for­got­ten that as Home Sec­re­tary, he in­tro­duced visas for Ja­maicans vis­it­ing their rel­a­tives in Bri­tain.

For British peo­ple of Caribbean her­itage, the in­tro­duc­tion of such visas felt like a slap in the face. Chaka Artwell, Ox­ford

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