Striped straw­berry jel­lies with vanilla mas­car­pone ice-cream

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Striped jel­lies look pretty and fun and are a fine way to com­bine flavours. They are straight­for­ward to make – all you need is a lit­tle time on your side. Straw­berry, el­der­flower and creamy vanilla make happy com­pan­ions.

Makes 4 small glasses of jelly

600g straw­ber­ries 1–2 tbsp caster sugar Seeds of half a vanilla pod El­der­flower cor­dial Gela­tine sheets

1 Fill your serv­ing glasses with wa­ter and de­cant into a mea­sur­ing jug to see how much jelly you’ll need in to­tal. Note down for later.

2 Hull the straw­ber­ries and put them into a large saucepan with the sugar and vanilla seeds. Add just enough wa­ter to cover the base of the pan, then put over a low to medium heat un­til the wa­ter starts to sim­mer.

3 Let this stew away for a while and, when the straw­ber­ries are very soft in­deed, use a masher to break them down fur­ther. Taste the juice to see if it is sweet enough and, if not, add sugar.

4 Strain through a muslin into a mea­sur­ing jug and make a note of how much straw­berry juice you have. You will need one gela­tine sheet for ev­ery 100ml juice.

5 Put your gela­tine sheets into a large heat­proof bowl and pour in a lit­tle of the juice, just enough to cover and moisten them. Put aside for 10 mins, or un­til they have soft­ened. Set a small saucepan of wa­ter sim­mer­ing and place the bowl on top of it, un­til the gela­tine has melted. Re­move from the heat and pour in the rest of the juice, mix­ing as you go, then pour the mix­ture through a sieve into a sec­ond bowl, to catch any lumps of gela­tine.

6 Pour a base layer into your glasses, cover each with cling film, and place in the fridge. Leave the rest of the mix­ture out of the fridge, cov­ered.

7 You can work out roughly how much el­der­flower cor­dial you’ll need by de­duct­ing the to­tal amount of straw­berry juice from the wa­ter mea­sure­ment you started with. The cor­dial should be di­luted but strong.

8 Next, go through the same process with the gela­tine (as above) to make it up into a jelly.

9 You will need to wait un­til the first straw­berry layer is well set – likely sev­eral hours – be­fore adding the el­der­flower, but it’s fine to re­frig­er­ate the el­der­flower jelly jug; it should still be pourable when you need it.

10 Leave this sec­ond layer to set and then pour in the fi­nal layer. If you find the fi­nal por­tion of jelly has set in the jug, it should still move enough to pour, but you could al­ways warm it up. Leave the lay­ered jel­lies in the fridge for 6 hours be­fore eat­ing.

Th­ese lay­ered jel­lies of straw­berry and el­der­flower are as vis­ually strik­ing as they are delicious

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