A stylish wind­break


The Simple Things - - NEST/WEEKEND PROJECT -

you will need

6m of PU-coated can­vas Scis­sors Tape mea­sure Four broom han­dles (or for a gar­den ver­sion use cot­ton can­vas and canes)

1 Trim the whole length of the 6m fab­ric down to 110cm wide – don’t dis­card the trimmed fab­ric as it will be used to make the carry strap later.

2 Place the two ends wrong sides to­gether, match­ing raw edges and stripes and sew them to­gether 1.5cm from edge. Press the seam to make it crisp (step A).

3 Trim one side of the 1.5cm seam al­lowance down to 0.5cm, then fold the longer seam al­lowance over the trimmed one and pin in place.

4 Now edge-stitch along the folded side us­ing a long stitch and a sharp ma­chine nee­dle size 14 to 16 to make a neat, strong seam and a con­tin­u­ous wide loop of fab­ric (step B).

5 Fold a 10cm hem at the top and the bot­tom, press flat and stitch down with sev­eral rows of top stitch­ing.

6 Lay the hemmed fab­ric flat wrong sides to­gether to form a 3m x 90cm wind break.

7 Mea­sure the broom han­dle di­am­e­ter and pin pock­ets just tight enough to en­sure the broom han­dles don’t slide out eas­ily. For ex­am­ple, for 9.5cm di­am­e­ter broom han­dles make pock­ets 10cm wide.

8 Sew ver­ti­cal pock­ets for the broom han­dles at ei­ther end and then two more in the mid­dle, equally spaced to form three pan­els each, roughly a me­tre wide (step C).

9 Slide in the broom han­dles to check they fit and the wind­break is ready (step D).

Pro­vid­ing shel­ter from both sun and wind, as well as a mod­icum of pri­vacy, a wind­break makes a beach trip a lit­tle more civilised

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