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Makes 8–10

60ml wa­ter 110g gran­u­lated sugar 600ml freshly squeezed orange juice (from 6 or 7 or­anges) 80ml freshly squeezed lime juice (from 3 or 4 limes) 90ml (6 tbsp) Cam­pari Sliver of orange, to gar­nish (op­tional)

1 Heat wa­ter and sugar in a pan un­til sugar has dis­solved. Mix with the orange and lime juice and Cam­pari.

2 Fill the moulds, leav­ing a lit­tle space at the top. If you like, put a sliver of orange into the top of each.

3 Freeze un­til slushy (60–90 mins), then in­sert the sticks and freeze un­til solid, at least five hours.

Note: the al­co­hol con­tent makes pop­tails more frag­ile than their booze-free cousins. Find notes on freez­ing and han­dling on our blog: thes­im­­tails/

Recipe from Ice Kitchen: Pop­tails by Ce­sar and Na­dia Ro­den (Quadrille). Pho­tog­ra­phy: Louise Hag­ger

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