Quite easy – if you’re a gum-chew­ing, cof­fee-guz­zling day­dreamer with in­cred­i­ble self be­lief…

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Short term: Drink cof­fee af­ter a task. Boosts your chances of re­mem­ber­ing it, as does chew­ing gum or doo­dling while you do it. Lis­ten to mu­sic you like. This in­creases dopamine lev­els, thought to im­prove cog­ni­tion. Day­dream. Day­dream­ers do bet­ter on tests than their more fo­cussed peers.

Long term: Ex­er­cise. In­creases the level of a pro­tein in your blood that pro­motes the growth and for­ma­tion of new neu­rons. Eat brain-friendly food. Food with Omega-3 fatty acids like fish, as well as B vi­ta­mins (in green veg, milk and shell­fish), are thought to main­tain brain func­tion. Clean your teeth prop­erly. Hav­ing no teeth is linked to de­gen­er­a­tive cog­ni­tive func­tions.

Re­ally long term: Stick around. Over a se­ries of decades, IQ scores have got bet­ter and bet­ter, mean­ing that, sim­ply be­cause of when you were born, you’re prob­a­bly smarter than your great grand­mother.

And a su­per easy short-term fix… Stud­ies have shown that just be­liev­ing you can be smarter ac­tu­ally makes it come true.

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