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Mostly As

We’re sorry. You’re about as Scandi as Chas and Dave. But we don’t think you mind. Some things are best won­dered over and ap­pre­ci­ated from afar. Per­haps you could work a lit­tle hygge into your life, though. Even Chas and Dave like woolly socks.

Mostly Bs

You’re opening your heart to all things Scandi, but there’s work to be done. Shake off the shack­les that bind you to three square meals a day and stay­ing inside when it gets dark. There’s a mag­i­cal, mys­te­ri­ous world out there to be ex­plored. Why not choose one Scandi habit to make your own and take it from there? We rec­om­mend fika – what finer means to fall into a way of life than with lit­tle breaks for cake dot­ted through­out your day?

Mostly Cs

You’re pretty Scandi. We’re im­pressed! You can hone your skills fur­ther by learn­ing to wash your Faroe sweaters in cold wa­ter only, us­ing the hand­pressed-in-a-towel method of dry­ing, and per­haps tak­ing up an in­ter­est­ing Scandi sport such as ice hockey or the Vik­ing Method work­out (once you’ve found out what that is, we think ice hockey will ap­peal more).

Mostly Ds

Well! You’re as Scan­di­na­vian as Sarah Lund eat­ing fish smør­re­brød in front of a log burner. You’re as laid­back, sim­ple-life-loving, dark-em­brac­ing and style-set­ting as they come. Grat­ulerer!

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