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“In bring­ing your at­ten­tion to the breath, you’re nec­es­sar­ily bring­ing your at­ten­tion to the present mo­ment,” says Zen master Ju­lian Daizan Skin­ner, author of Prac­ti­cal Zen (Singing Dragon). He sug­gests you aim for 25 min­utes, start­ing with less and build­ing up to that if you need to.

1 Find a com­fort­able sit­ting po­si­tion and cre­ate a firm tri­an­gu­lar base for your body. You can sit cross-legged on the floor, with your bot­tom on a cush­ion so your hips tilt for­ward, keep­ing your spine straight, or sit up­right on a chair with feet firmly planted on the floor.

2 Make it your in­ten­tion to sit still, but if you need to move oc­ca­sion­ally, that’s fine. Don’t force any­thing.

3 You can ei­ther shut your eyes or keep your eyes gen­tly fo­cused on the ground in front of you.

4 Slowly bring your aware­ness to your breath­ing. Don’t try to change it, just watch it. No­tice where it is in your body and bring your at­ten­tion there.

5 Men­tally count your breaths. In-breath: one. Out-breath: two. And so on, up to ten. Then start again at one.

6 Thoughts, wor­ries and mem­o­ries are bound to arise and that’s fine. Just no­tice them. Al­low ev­ery mo­ment to be ex­actly as it is.

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