You may not be quick on the draw, but th­ese sug­ges­tions will help you make your mark

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Por­trai­ture is hard, es­pe­cially if you know the per­son – it’s easy to no­tice if the like­ness isn’t spot on. Suf­fice to say, you won’t be­come Leonardo overnight, but if you want to im­prove your skills, us­ing this process may be help­ful…

For­get what you think you know about the face. Don’t bother about the de­tails ini­tially – con­sider the whole head. Lightly sketch out the struc­ture of the head first, us­ing an H or HB pen­cil: fo­cus on the ar­eas where the bone struc­ture is clos­est to the skin: cheek­bones, brow, fore­head, chin and jaw­line.

You could draw a very light line down the mid­dle of the face to cen­tre the nose, and an­other for the eyes so they don’t go wonky later.

Shade in the shad­ows with a softer pen­cil (some­thing like a 3B). Again, go lightly. You could take a photo and change the fil­ter to black and white to help you work out where the shad­ows should be. Keep blend­ing, us­ing your fin­ger or a smudg­ing tool.

Fi­nally, add the de­tails, such as the eyes and lips.

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