Go potty for this cheap and easy way to heat a room

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It’s an ef­fec­tive use of all those Ikea tealights, and cre­ates enough heat to keep a room toasty (and en­ergy bills down). You will need: 4 tealights Metal loaf tin Matches or a lighter 2 bricks Cool­ing rack 2 ter­ra­cotta flower pots: one should fit in­side the other, with about 2cm of space be­tween the two Small piece of foil

1 Put the tealights in the loaf pan and light. Place a brick on ei­ther side and place the rack on top.

2 Put the smaller of the two flower pots up­side down on the rack, di­rectly over the can­dles.

3 Cover the hole in the bot­tom of the plant pot with foil. 4 Place the larger pot over the first. 5 When the can­dles go out, you can slide out the pan to re­light or re­place.

Note: It heats up quickly and will be too hot to touch after about half an hour, so keep kids and pets away.

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