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Don’t buy stuff you can’t af­ford Try to dis­tin­guish be­tween what you need and what you want. Post­pone buy­ing the ‘wants’ un­til you have suf­fi­cient cash. That way you will feel the giddy power of self-dis­ci­pline and avoid risk of debt.

Write shop­ping lists There’s noth­ing like shop­ping with an ac­tual list of in­gre­di­ents for ac­tual dishes, to feel as though you are the mas­ter of your spend­ing. All you have to do now is re­sist the lure of the im­pulse buy. Batch cook and freeze Cook more por­tions than nec­es­sary, then freeze the left­overs. It’s

thrifty, avoids waste, and means you have a stash of nour­ish­ing ready-meals in store. Shop in your own wardrobe Ever bought an item of cloth­ing to find you al­ready have a sim­i­lar one buried in your wardrobe? Dig around in there be­fore buy­ing new.

Ex­change skills Rather than pay peo­ple for ser­vices, barter with friends and neigh­bours. I’ll feed your cat if you’ll put up a shelf in my kitchen – that sort of thing.

Re­pair things Fix­ing stuff rather than buy­ing new not only saves money, but also feels good. You learn a new skill and you have the thrill of self-suf­fi­ciency.

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