Sum­mer Fit­ness

In­ter­na­tional women’s rugby player Claire McLaugh­lin gives us her tips for get­ting in shape in time for sum­mer.

The Snobby Runway - - Contents - By An­drew McNair & Claire McLaugh­lin

It’s now well into 2015 and only a cou­ple of months be­fore you need to be on the beach turn­ing heads so we’ve called upon In­ter­na­tional women’s rugby player Claire McLaugh­lin to give us a workout plan that strips fat, builds mus­cle and still leaves you look­ing fem­i­nine in time for sum­mer. But let’s be clear, it’s not enough to go on a diet and be skinny. Triple A Work­outs: Ac­cess­ing all ar­eas of your body is a great way to stream­line your ex­er­cise, boost re­cov­ery time and mul­ti­ply your progress. The best goal to have when tak­ing the step to train for the sum­mer is to have a bal­anced mus­cu­lar mass. No use hav­ing a flat stom­ach from all those crunches if your arms or legs look like they haven’t seen a gym in years. So let’s start with a full body workout. Not only does this al­low your mus­cles to de­velop in sync, but also boosts testos­terone lev­els and de­spite the neg­a­tive con­no­ta­tions syn­ony­mous with this word, is pretty es­sen­tial even for fe­males. Thirdly, a full body workout needs time. Many peo­ple don’t progress be­cause their body’s sim­ply aren’t al­lowed to re­cover from their pre­vi­ous workout. If you’re do­ing one mus­cle group at a time you’ll need to be train­ing five times a week so try train­ing you’re whole body three times a week. Mon­day, Wed­nes­day and Fri­day give you am­ple time for your body to re­cover in be­tween, without ne­glect­ing any mus­cle groups. Com­pound Ex­er­cises: These are ex­er­cises that in­cor­po­rate more than one mus­cle group. By re­cruit­ing more mus­cles, you create a higher en­ergy de­mand forc­ing your body to burn more calo­ries, and thus rais­ing your heart rate. They also use your core mus­cles, as they re­quire bal­ance. Deep squats for ex­am­ple work your en­tire core to keep you up­right, as well as your legs and bum. Try tight­en­ing up your abs while you’re do­ing them for a greater effect. This is ac­tu­ally the best way to get a toned waist and the round bum like you’ve al­ways wanted. And again, it saves time. Cir­cuit Train­ing: Big point com­ing up; you want to be burn­ing fat AND ton­ing your mus­cles. Cir­cuit train­ing al­lows you to ex­ert mus­cu­lar force, do­ing ex­er­cises like press ups, squats and so on, whilst rais­ing your heart rate and burn­ing off the ex­cess fat. Again, when time is tight, cut out your car­dio work­outs by do­ing in­tense mus­cu­lar cir­cuit train­ing three times a week to whip your body into shape. This tech­nique will al­low you to have fast, ex­plo­sive work­outs that take next to no time to com­plete. You’ll see a theme ap­pear­ing here. Get on with your life, by get­ting in and out of the gym in 45 min­utes. Va­ri­ety: Like most things, your body gets used to some­thing if you keep do­ing it. This will cause a plateau, a speed bump in your pro­gres­sion where you’re body sim­ply doesn’t re­act the same to the paces you’re putting it through. Sur­prise your mus­cles by mak­ing a few changes ev­ery month. Most PT’s will rec­om­mend chang­ing your workout rou­tine ev­ery 4-6 weeks. These don’t have to be mon­u­men­tal. If one of your ex­er­cises is push-ups, change them to sideto-side push-ups, or add a clap for a more ex­plo­sive mo­tion. Try this cir­cuit rou­tine three times a week for the next six weeks, and then switch it up. We’ll give you an­other in the next is­sue. And re­mem­ber, if you al­ways do what you’ve al­ways done, you’ll al­ways get what you’ve al­ways got. Warm Up: 5 Min­utes Row­ing/Cycling (Mod­er­ate In­ten­sity) Cir­cuit 1- 3 Rounds: 10 Squat Jumps 10 Glute Raises 3 Pull Ups 5 Sin­gle Leg Ro­ma­nian Dead­lifts (Each Leg) 8 T-Press Ups 20 Plank Shoul­der Taps 1 Minute Wall Sit Cir­cuit 2- 3 Rounds: 10 Burpees 5 For­ward Lunges (Each Leg) 10 Tri­cep Dips 10 Push Ups 5 Bul­gar­ian Split Squat Each Leg 20 Cross Body Moun­tain Climber 90 Se­cond Wall Sit

Claire McLaugh­lin is from North­ern Ire­land and plays rugby for Ul­ster Women.

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