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Con­fi­dent Jupiter comes into a good work­ing re­la­tion­ship with cau­tious Saturn

to­day, mak­ing this an ideal week for car­ry­ing out projects that will add longterm value. On Satur­day Mars and Uranus en­cour­age im­pul­sive ac­tion, so it’s best to look sev­eral times be­fore you leap. Most af­fected are those born Jan­uary 16 to 22, April 15 to 21, July 17 to 23, Au­gust 17 to 23,

Au­gust 16 to 23 and De­cem­ber 17 to 22. Dis­Cus­sions with neigh­Bours or rel­A­tives, with­out Avoid­ing the is­sue, Could re­solve some e proB­lems now. LAter in the week is An ideAl time to CleAr out Any pos­ses­sions thAt Are just Col­leCt­ing dust And no longer hAve Any meAn­ing or purpose, to mAke wAy for more pleA­sure And Com­fort in your life. Mer­Cury BACk­ing into your CA­reer And Com­mu­nity seC­torr on Thurs­dAy for A week gives you the ChAnCe to re­view Andd re­vise plAns And projeCts in those Ar­eAs. If you’ve Been grAp­pling with A fi­nAn­CiAl is­sue you Could Be feel­ing more op­ti­mistiC now thAt light is Ap­peAr­ing At the end of the tun­nel. You CAn AChieve A phe­nom­e­nAl Amount Be­tween now And the end of next month if you’ll fo­Cus on whAt’s heAlthy. Some se­ri­ous think­ing ABout your Aims, fol­lowed By Ap­pro­pri­Ate AC­tion, is CAlled for this week to mAke the most of whAt Could Be A very fAvourABle time for you.

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