Lochd! Mo chreub­hag! Dìgean­mise!

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Oor Wul­lie’s mis­chief might keep him busy, but he’s still had time to mas­ter a new lan­guage.

For the first time, our iconic car­toon char­ac­ter – or Uil­leam Againne as he might now be called – has been trans­lated into Gaelic.

A new ver­sion of the Oor Wul­lie an­nual is set for re­lease later this month.

Gaelic pub­lisher Cuilean Craicte spent a year trans­lat­ing some of Wul­lie’s clas­sic strips.

“We want to pub­lish books that kids will love and we couldn’t think of any­thing more fit­ting than Oor Wul­lie,” ex­plained the pub­lisher’s Mairi Kidd.

But “Jings! Crivvens! Help ma Boab!” proved tricky to trans­late.

“His catch­phrase is so iconic and we spent a lot of time de­bat­ing our ver­sion,” Mairi added.

“There isn’t a di­rect trans­la­tion so we used pop­u­lar ex­cla­ma­tions.”

They set­tled on “Lochd! Mo chreub­hag! Dìgean mise!”

“Lochd is an ex­pres­sion mean­ing ‘mercy’ that is es­pe­cially com­mon in Har­ris,” Mairi ex­plained.

“Mo chreub­hag lit­er­ally means ‘my body’ and sounds quite like ‘crivvens’ as the ‘bh’ sound in Gaelic is a ‘v’.

“Dìgean mise de­rives from a phrase which means ‘pro­tect and keep me’.”

The book can be or­dered on­line at cuilean­craicte.org from Oc­to­ber 15.

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