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HERE are some things that our par­ents could do, but many of the younger gen­eraion can’t.

Darn a sock: Your mum may have spent hours care­fully patch­ing up the holes in your dad’s socks but now, with shops sell­ing seven pairs for a pound, why bother?

Starch sheets: It used to be that house­wives took pride in their crisp, starched sheets. Now we just ig­nore the creases.

Sew patches on a jacket: Once upon a time, leather el­bow patches gave a favourite jacket a new life. Its trendy modern equiv­a­lent comes with patches ready sewn on - and will be out of fash­ion long be­fore they’ve worn out.

Change a tyre: It was the ba­sic car main­te­nance skill your dad taught you af­ter you passed your test. Now half of new cars don’t carry a spare and flat tyres were the rea­son for 180,000 AA call-outs by mo­torists last year.

Make cus­tard from

scratch: Never mind from scratch? Hardly any­one both­ers to make it from cus­tard pow­der, with sales of car­tons of “fresh” cus­tard soar­ing.

Bat­ter fish: Once a sta­ple of the Scot­tish Fri­day night, now we buy oven baked French Fries from the su­per­mar­ket.

Re­pair a punc­tured bike

tyre: Once we all car­ried a punc­ture re­pair kit... now we just buy a new wheel.

Write a let­ter: Once we knew how to set out, be­gin and end a let­ter. Nw w jst snd a txt.

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