Spacey may have been cut, but I want to choose who to watch for my­self

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Hooray for Hol­ly­wood?

Di­rec­tor Ri­d­ley Scott this week de­cided to erase re­viled ac­tor Kevin Spacey from All The Money In The World, his al­ready com­pleted movie.

Ri­d­ley and his back­ers must have all the money in the world to have made that very ex­pen­sive de­ci­sion, given the film was to be in cin­e­mas next month.

But the con­tin­ual flow of al­le­ga­tions against Spacey meant the film, no mat­ter how good it was, was des­tined to be a box of­fice dis­as­ter with Spacey in it, so changes were made.

But here lies the co­nun­drum.

With All The Money In The World (and lots of cash) Ri­d­ley was able to make a timely in­ter­ven­tion.

But what about other Spacey movies? Great films such as The Usual Sus­pects, Se7en, L. A. Con­fi­den­tial and Amer­i­can Beauty.

He has al­ready been dealt out of The Emmy-win­ning TV block­buster se­ries House Of Cards.

Should the parts he played in so many TV and film pro­duc­tions sim­ply be erased, bear­ing in mind that he has not yet been charged with any crime?

Not so easy is it? It cer­tainly makes me a bit queasy about ever watch­ing them again, though.

The same can now also be said of an­other revered Os­car-win­ner, Dustin Hoffman, and even hard man ac­tor Steven Sea­gal, both of whom have been ac­cused of ha­rass­ment.

Should their movies re­ceive the same treat­ment as Spacey should the al­le­ga­tions lev­elled against them be proven?

In Sea­gal’s case I would bin them all any­way as they are so aw­ful, but Hoffman’s?

Crack­ing films such as The Grad­u­ate, Rain Man, Toot­sie, Marathon Man and Mid­night Cow­boy?

Equally, what about all the movies – and there are hun­dreds – that pro­ducer Har­vey We­in­stein has been in­volved in.

Stel­lar block­busters such as Gangs Of New York, The Lord Of The Rings and Shake­speare In Love, to name but a very few. Should they now all be binned?

Many think they should. Or should we, with all this in­for­ma­tion at hand, de­cide for our­selves what we want to watch and lis­ten to?

I say lis­ten be­cause I can­not, and will not, ever lis­ten to Gary Glit­ter or Rolf Har­ris again, given the ap­palling na­ture of the of­fences they were con­victed of.

How­ever, I can make an in­formed choice as to what I want to watch.

I cer­tainly don’t want my free­dom of choice of what I de­cide to lis­ten to or watch, re­stricted or re­moved.

Nor do I sus­pect do the ma­jor­ity of the pop­u­la­tion.

Glit­ter and Har­ris are al­ready off my playlist and, if nat­u­ral jus­tice is al­lowed to run its course, so will all the movies of those ac­tors, di­rec­tors and pro­duc­ers who are found guilty of heinous crimes.

Or Hol­ly­wood may have to face its last hur­rah.

For­mer A-lis­ter Spacey has been wiped from his lat­est film

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