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Fake web­site cost me £350

I want to re­cover £350 that was taken from my Post Of­fice credit card for ser­vices not re­quired or pro­vided.

The card was used to ob­tain a ser­vice for my daugh­ter, who is in the An­tipodes with­out fi­nances.

I gave her my credit card de­tails to pay the charge for a pass­port ap­pli­ca­tion.

She and a neigh­bour, who had the com­puter and printer my daugh­ter needed, started to com­plete the ap­pli­ca­tion think­ing it was an of­fi­cial govern­ment web­site, which is what she was after.

Real­is­ing it was the wrong web­site, which didn’t even of­fer what was wanted, they tried to come off the site. Some­how in the process it ap­pears that the in­com­plete ap­pli­ca­tion was sent off.

Then a pop-up ap­peared say­ing some­one would call the next work­ing day but no one did.


What your daugh­ter and her neigh­bour had un­der­stood to be a free ser­vice then charged £350 to your credit card, the de­tails of which they do not even re­mem­ber pro­vid­ing.

You called and emailed the site re­fer­ring to the Con­sumer Rights Act and at that stage got nowhere.

The Post Of­fice told you to write to its bank cit­ing sec­tion 75 of the Con­sumer Credit Act. Noth­ing came of this ei­ther and you wrote to me.

When I con­tacted Post Of­fice Money it said that, as the trans­ac­tion had been en­tered into by some­one other than the pri­mary card­holder, it was not li­able un­der Sec­tion 75.

Un­known to me you then man­aged to get £200 re­im­bursed from the web­site in ques­tion.

I did try to per­suade the Post Of­fice to con­trib­ute the rest but it re­fused. It said it struck it as odd that you had man­aged to get some, but not all, of the money back.

When try­ing to ac­cess govern­ment ser­vices al­ways go via Us­ing a search en­gine can lead to web­sites that look very con­vinc­ing but are charg­ing for ser­vices that are sim­ple to ac­cess from the right source and free.

Sky took me off­line for 10 days

Among the prob­lems I had with Sky are that it took me off­line en­tirely for nine to 10 days and a few other odd days.

It charged £10 to call it on the phone. Also friends tell me I had very slow down­load speeds.

I have moved my broad­band else­where and the speeds are much bet­ter. I am keep­ing my Sky TV subscription. I un­der­stand that you had con­tacted Sky to up­grade your ser­vice from Sky Broad­band to Sky Fi­bre.

How­ever, dur­ing the up­grade, you changed your mind and re­quested to keep the stan­dard broad­band. A tech­ni­cal fault when stop­ping the up­grade caused a de­lay in get­ting your ser­vice up and run­ning again.

As you only ap­par­ently com­plained about the broad­band speed after you left, Sky hasn’t been able to test it.

A reader strug­gled to re­claim £350 on her Post Of­fice credit card

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