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BT wouldn’t fully re­fund call-out fee

Two months ago there was a prob­lem with our BT line. It con­tin­u­ally crack­led, mak­ing con­ver­sa­tion nigh-on im­pos­si­ble.

BT was no­ti­fied. I had tested the phone, and shut down and re­booted my PC, but still the prob­lem re­mained.

My com­puter has a link to a sup­port com­pany should there ever be any prob­lems. It also pro­vides ad­vice on my tele­phone equip­ment. There­fore I knew nei­ther my com­puter nor tele­phone equip­ment was at fault.

So BT agreed to send an Open­reach engi­neer at a cost of £129.99 if the prob­lem was in my prop­erty.

The engi­neer spent six min­utes in the house and con­cluded without test­ing any­thing that the prob­lem would be at the tele­graph pole in the lane. He said he would “go back” and ask for an­other engi­neer from Open­reach to look at the prob­lem there. As the engi­neer left I con­firmed with him that I would not be charged the £129.99. The crack­ling on the line con­tin­ued un­til the mid­dle of the fol­low­ing week and then dis­ap­peared. There­fore I pre­sumed the fault had been rec­ti­fied.

When I re­ceived my bill it in­cluded a charge of £129.99. RK, BEDS

BT ar­gued it couldn’t do any­thing as Open­reach is a sep­a­rate com­pany. Af­ter some dis­cus­sion BT of­fered to re­duce the amount by £65. It as­serted that this was as much as it was able to give. Your wife con­tin­ued to bat­tle on over this but there was no an­swer at the num­ber she had been given.

I con­tacted BT and the re­main­ing amount of £64.99 rounded up to £65 is be­ing re­funded af­ter all, as it should be.

Why did CHAPS pay­ments van­ish?

I have se­ri­ous con­cerns about the dis­ap­pear­ance of two CHAPS [high-speed bank trans­fers] pay­ments re­quested on dif­fer­ent days four months ago.

The sums in ques­tion were even­tu­ally re­turned to my ac­count, mi­nus the CHAPS fee I had paid, but with no ex­pla­na­tion or apol­ogy. How can I find out what is be­hind this?


You were try­ing to send £36,218 to a so­lic­i­tor for a pay­ment to­wards a house pur­chase. Two at­tempts failed, but both times the money was shown as hav­ing left the ac­count.

The rea­son the pay­ments never ar­rived at their des­ti­na­tion and, as it turns out, did not even leave the bank, is shrouded in mys­tery – apart from a vague hint of sus­pi­cions about money laun­der­ing, when the trans­ac­tions were noth­ing of the kind.

In the end you trans­ferred the money to your part­ner, who suc­cess­fully sent it to the so­lic­i­tor via her own San­tander ac­count us­ing Faster Pay­ments.

Had this not been done there could have have been all sorts of con­se­quences re­lat­ing to the prop­erty pur­chase. As it was, there were no se­ri­ous reper­cus­sions.

I spoke to San­tander

A cou­ple had prob­lems with pay­ments re­lat­ing to a house move

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