I love you, man (bag)

Don’t be fooled into think­ing what you carry doesn’t mat­ter. After all, any week­end away needs a smok­ing-hot com­pan­ion

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If you’re any­thing like me, right now you’ll be star­ing out of your win­dow at a steel­grey sky dream­ing of a much-needed spring break. Un­like me, how­ever, you prob­a­bly won’t be ob­sess­ing over what kind of lug­gage to pack your smalls into. I’m guess­ing what your week­end bag will look like will be about 129th on your list of con­cerns.

In fair­ness, it’s only first on mine be­cause of an un­for­tu­nate in­ci­dent that forced me to rock up to ex­clu­sive Som­er­set ho­tel Babing­ton House with all my pos­ses­sions in a bin bag – a true story and one too painful to re­count in full (let’s just say that cats aren’t al­ways in­clined to use the des­ig­nated lit­ter tray and leave it at that).

Any­way, since then, the right week­end bag has be­come al­most as im­por­tant as the right week­end des­ti­na­tion for me. And it should be to you too be­cause, de­spite what a lot of men think, the bag a man car­ries is just as im­por­tant as the shoes he wears. More so, in fact, be­cause more peo­ple are prob­a­bly go­ing to clock your bag than your brogues.

Alas, a lot of men still don’t take bags se­ri­ously, view­ing them (er­ro­neously) as mere re­cep­ta­cles for ‘stuff ’, rather than bona-fide ac­ces­sories. Which is a fatal mis­take be­cause, in my book, if you’re car­ry­ing some­thing you’re wear­ing it. And if you’re wear­ing it you may as well make it count. So be­low are four week­end bags worth wear­ing. All are built to last, have plenty of pock­ets (a pre­req­ui­site), shoul­der straps (an­other must if you don’t want arms like an orang­utan), and one, Oliver Sweeney’s clev­erly de­signed Taun­ton bag, even has a built-in shoe pocket to keep your Ox­fords sep­a­rate from your un­der­pants.

So my ad­vice is buy the bag and only then book the spring break. And house train your pets prop­erly.

Men still don’t take bags se­ri­ously, view­ing them as mere re­cep­ta­cles for ‘stuff’

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