The sci­ence of date dress­ing: Lee Ky­nas­ton shares his tips

Hop­ing for dat­ing suc­cess this Wed­nes­day? Then ap­ply a lit­tle sci­ence…

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With Valen­tine’s Day just around the cor­ner, your thoughts are no doubt turn­ing to­wards that im­pend­ing ‘hot date’. And whether it’s with some­one you re­cently met or a long-term part­ner, chances are you’ll want to ap­pear ir­re­sistible.

While charm, wit and smooth chat-up lines might help, a sci­en­tif­i­cally proven style and groom­ing strat­egy can max­imise your chances, too.

First off, grow a lit­tle fa­cial hair. A raft of re­cent stud­ies have shown that women find men more at­trac­tive with a lit­tle face fur­ni­ture (stub­ble for a ca­sual fling, ap­par­ently; a full beard if it’s a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship they’re af­ter).

Get­ting your pants right is im­por­tant too, with a YouGov sur­vey re­veal­ing that most women pre­fer men in tight­fit­ting boxer trunks – a style only 25 per cent of us ac­tu­ally wear. Opt for stretch cot­ton to get the cor­rect fit.

And then there’s how you smell. Much has been made about the aphro­disiac qual­i­ties of hedione, an in­gre­di­ent found in fra­grances such as Dior’s Eau Sau­vage, which stim­u­lates the area of the fe­male brain that re­leases sex hor­mones. But scents con­tain­ing vanilla are your al­lies, too. A note used to give fra­grances that al­moste­d­i­ble ‘nuz­zle fac­tor’, vanilla has been shown to be arous­ing to both men and women, mean­ing ev­ery whiff is a win/win.

Fi­nally, choose your colours care­fully. Re­searchers at the Univer­sity of Rochester in the US have dis­cov­ered that men who wear red tend to be seen as more at­trac­tive and de­sir­able. If this seems a lit­tle cal­cu­lated, bear in mind that ‘troop­ing the colour’ is some­thing fre­quently seen in the an­i­mal king­dom. And we have it easy. All we have to do is slip on a cash­mere sweater: male os­triches have to turn the skin on their legs bright red in or­der to grab the at­ten­tion of a mate.

Re­searchers have dis­cov­ered that men who wear red tend to be seen as more de­sir­able

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