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I lived and worked in France for six years where I found that if I stood “one-legged” on the mar­ble floor, this re­lieved the cramp — the cold shock seemed to be the rea­son. I now keep a mar­ble of­f­cut un­der my bed and stand on that.

Dun­can Ogilvie, Bris­tol Both my fa­ther and I suf­fered foot cramp at night for many years. My fa­ther’s is kept at bay by qui­nine tablets on pre­scrip­tion. Mine has dis­ap­peared since I started to drink two litres of wa­ter a day.

Sally Royle, by email I have found the fol­low­ing works. Us­ing your thumb and fore­fin­ger, pinch your top lip in the cen­tre be­neath your nose. Do this as tightly as you can and hold it for 30 sec­onds. Since be­ing told this rem­edy I have never had a prob­lem.

John Gard­ner, by email CIR­CU­LA­TION PROB­LEMS I suf­fered with “dead fin­gers” in my 20s when, as a bank clerk, I was en­ter­ing ledgers – on shiny, cold pa­per. A col­league said: “You need mo­lasses,” and ex­plained that its trace el­e­ments would help to cor­rect poor cir­cu­la­tion. I took a spoon­ful of mo­lasses in hot wa­ter once a day. The prob­lem faded and I have not suf­fered from Ray­naud’s since.

Mag­gie Thoyts, by email

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