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HOW TO PLAY BA­SICS: Grid­dlers are solved us­ing num­ber clues to lo­cate solids (filled-in squares) and dots (empty squares) to re­veal a picture. Each col­umn and row has a se­ries of num­bers next to it.these re­fer to the num­ber of ad­ja­cent squares that should be filled as solids. If more than one num­ber ap­pears, that line will con­tain more than one block of solids. The solid blocks must ap­pear in the or­der that the num­bers are printed. For ex­am­ple, a row that con­tains the num­bers 11.5 would con­tain, some­where, a block of 11 ad­ja­cent filledin squares (solids), then a gap of one or more empty squares (with dots in) and then a block of five ad­ja­cent filled-in squares. STRATE­GIES: First look to see if any line has a sin­gle clue num­ber big­ger than half the length of its line. If there is one, you can fill one or more squares in the cen­tre of the line. Count first from one end, then count from the other end: where two counts over­lap, the squares must be solid. If there are two clue num­bers, and they add up to more than half the length, a sim­i­lar tech­nique can be used. Count from each end in turn, count­ing for each clue num­ber plus one for the min­i­mum blank space be­tween the blocks of solids. Where the same num­ber over­laps count­ing from both di­rec­tions (re­mem­ber to use them in the right or­der), you can fill part of the clue. HOW TO EN­TER Send your com­pleted Griddler to: Griddler 1128, PO Box 602, London SW1W 0WY, by Thurs­day June 7. The win­ner will be the first cor­rect Griddler drawn. Stan­dard Tele­graph rules ap­ply. WIN­NER: GRIDDLER 1126

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