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needs a holis­tic ap­proach. Of­ten, sleep and stress get ne­glected. Once peo­ple ad­dress their stress lev­els – 10 min­utes of med­i­ta­tion, an evening bath, switch­ing off tech – they can start mak­ing bet­ter food choices to start los­ing weight.


In or­der to re­duce the amount of stress Lucy is un­der, par­tic­u­larly when it comes to her di­etary habits, I’d en­cour­age her to batch-cook lunches and din­ners on her days off so she can have nour­ish­ing meals through­out the week. One-pot meals such as veggie chill­ies, dals, cur­ries, and soups are great op­tions to cook in bulk and por­tion out through­out the week. To keep things in­ter­est­ing, she could serve them with dif­fer­ent grains or starches each day (brown rice and sweet po­tato, and a por­tion of leafy greens).

I’m con­cerned that she’s not get­ting enough calo­ries or nu­tri­ents to sup­port her ac­tiv­ity and over­all health. Women in their 50s have lower oe­stro­gen lev­els, so weight-bear­ing ex­er­cise and a diet rich in cal­cium and vi­ta­min D is im­por­tant to sup­port bone health and pre­vent os­teo­poro­sis.

She reg­u­larly eats Skyr yo­gurt and cheese, which is a good source of cal­cium, but she should con­sider a vi­ta­min D sup­ple­ment dur­ing the win­ter and spring.

eggs and one slice of brown toast, black cof­fee 1pm: beans on toast with grated cheese and two slices of brown toast 3pm: two hand­fuls of grapes and a ba­nana 5pm: four Mary­land bis­cuits, black cof­fee 7pm: pasta with ba­con, peas, mint and crème fraîche 8pm-10pm: one hand­ful of Mal­te­sers, half a bot­tle of red wine


8am: black cof­fee; three pan­cakes with lemon and sugar 12pm: half a tin of beans, two slices of brown toast, bowl of Greek yo­gurt with honey 3pm: Salt and Shake crisps, one hand­ful of Mal­te­sers 5pm: chicken pesto pasta, slice of white bread and hum­mus 7pm: home-made chicken curry and veg­etable dal, rice, cha­p­ati, half a bot­tle of red wine

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