Times are chang­ing: boys, wel­come to the hair-re­moval club

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In mat­ters of groom­ing, the gen­der gap has been nar­row­ing for a while now. These days, it’s not un­com­mon to hear a man wor­ry­ing about his skin, fig­ure and nails.

But you know that times are chang­ing when the world’s most ma­cho breed of men – foot­ballers – start shav­ing their legs.

Long the scourge of women, who pay for it dearly in terms both of money and in pain, it seems that hair-re­moval is be­com­ing a must-do for men too.

Last week it came to light that there is a whole world of mas­cu­line leg-shav­ing go­ing on. When Marco Asen­sio, star at Real Madrid, had to miss a Cham­pi­ons League match, the rea­son given was… an in­fected pim­ple aris­ing from an in­jury sus­tained while he

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