Waste­ful NHS projects

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SIR – The re­port (Novem­ber 5) that the NHS is wast­ing money on ad­min­is­tra­tion is no sur­prise.

In the phle­botomy (blood test) depart­ment at one hos­pi­tal, there is a box with a slot and two trays of tokens, and a no­tice: “Please take part in our monthly sur­vey”. The ques­tion reads: “Did you re­ceive com­pas­sion­ate care in Phle­botomy to­day?” Blue to­ken = Yes. Red to­ken = No. Pre­sum­ably some­one must count the tokens, write down the to­tal and pass this to an­other depart­ment, be­fore ster­il­is­ing the tokens and re­turn­ing them to the trays.

What is achieved by this? There is no way to say why one might be dis­sat­is­fied, so noth­ing is learnt. Alan Shaw

Hal­i­fax, West York­shire

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