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The Sunday Telegraph - - Arts - Which com­poser’s fourth and sixth sym­phonies are re­spec­tively nick­named and Who was the ar­chi­tect of the Syd­ney Opera House? Who won the 2013 with and co-wrote the UK’s less­suc­cess­ful en­try this year, per­formed by Lu­cie Jones?

Played by An­thony Hop­kins (pic­tured) in the 2007 film ver­sion, what is the name of the king aided by Be­owulf in the heroic poem?

Af­ter which ex­plorer is the strait be­tween the Pa­cific and Arc­tic Oceans named?

Who are the only fa­therand-son goal­keep­ers to win foot­ball’s Pre­mier League in Eng­land? The Inex­tin­guish­able The Sim­ple?

Also King of Den­mark and Nor­way, who was King of Eng­land from 1016-1035?

Af­ter which No­bel Prize-win­ning physi­cist is chem­i­cal el­e­ment 107, with the sym­bol Bh, named?

Who was the chef be­hind the for­mer world’s best restau­rant Noma?

J. S. Bach’s Air on the G String was used in a se­ries of ad­ver­tise­ments for which cigar?

Which philoso­pher, whose works in­clude

Fear and Trem­bling (1843) and Works of Love (1847) is con­sid­ered to be the fa­ther of Ex­is­ten­tial­ism?

Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test Only Teardrops Never Give Up on You,

Which ac­tor’s roles in­clude Le Chiffre in Casino Royale and Han­ni­bal Lecter in the tele­vi­sion se­ries Han­ni­bal?

Who cur­rently hosts both QI and Fif­teen to One on tele­vi­sion? Who were the orig­i­nal hosts of these pro­grammes?

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