Hung out to dry

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SIR – Roger Wardle (Let­ters, April 8) won­ders why he some­times gets rain in his back garden but not in the front.

His let­ter re­minded me of one oc­ca­sion when I was um­pir­ing a cricket match. Stand­ing at square leg, I was get­ting soaked, while the bats­men, bowler and my col­league at the bowler’s end were all per­fectly dry. Barry Nick­els

Spof­forth, North York­shire

SIR – I have a clear mem­ory of walk­ing home with my fa­ther from a school con­cert when it started to rain. We crossed the road and kept dry.

This taught me that there is al­ways a bound­ary, some­where. Brian Foster

Shriven­ham, Ox­ford­shire

SIR – I strongly sus­pect that if Mr Wardle ven­tures out­side the next time he ex­pe­ri­ences this ap­par­ent mys­tery, he will be rained on in both his back and front gar­dens.

The pre­vail­ing wind leaves ev­i­dence on the win­dows of one side of the house only. My wife and I have of­ten com­mented on this. Brian Swindell

Bur­nas­ton, Der­byshire

SIR – If our cat asks to go out the back door, only to see it rain­ing, she will quickly come back in and go round to the front door hop­ing for bet­ter weather. Martin Hors­fall

Newick, East Sus­sex

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