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The Sunday Telegraph - - Arts - What is the French word for a snail? In which emo­tion does Iago de­scribe as a “green-eyed mon­ster”? Which Bri­tish sit­com of the 1960s was set in the cloth­ing work­shop of Fen­ner’s Fash­ions?

In the Harry Pot­ter books, what is the fore­name of the fa­ther of Draco Mal­foy (pic­tured)?

In the Bri­tish Army, which is the of­fi­cer rank im­me­di­ately be­low that of bri­gadier?

On which ma­jor Scot­tish moun­tain was there a weather ob­ser­va­tory in op­er­a­tion be­tween 1883 and 1904?

Ac­tress Lynda Belling­ham starred as a mother in a long-run­ning se­ries of ad­verts for which culi­nary prod­uct?


Held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992, how is the United Na­tions Con­fer­ence on En­vi­ron­ment and De­vel­op­ment more com­monly known?

Which Ir­ish town is the last ma­jor set­tle­ment on the River Boyne be­fore it emp­ties into the Ir­ish Sea?

“Act­ing on your best be­hav­iour, Turn your back on mother na­ture” are lines from which 1985 Tears for Fears song?

In which 1973 film does Steve McQueen play Henri Char­rière, a con­vict in French Guiana?

Scrapped in 1960, what was the name of the last bat­tle­ship to serve in the Royal Navy?

Which French aper­i­tif, a for­ti­fied wine made from grape must and Cognac, comes from the area of France to the north of Bordeaux?

Which 19-mile-long is­land lies off the French coast to the west of La Rochelle?

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