April will have show­ers – but sun­shine too

The Sunday Telegraph - - Weather - By Peter Stan­ford

APRIL is meant to bring show­ers, so on that front we have been fore­warned. But what about the per­sis­tent gloom of late? It has been pretty grey since Easter, save for bursts of bril­liant sun­shine in the Scot­tish High­lands. Fi­nally, though, the clouds are set to lift and re­veal a ceil­ing of blue sky, giv­ing us, be­lat­edly, a real feel of spring.

It be­gan to hap­pen yes­ter­day, and today the im­prove­ment con­tin­ues. The high pres­sure out to our east is blow­ing in warm, set­tled air from over con­ti­nen­tal Europe, where the land mass warms faster than the seas that sur­round us. Nor­wich and Lon­don should com­fort­ably touch 63F (17C).

But over in the far west, low pres­sure is try­ing to make its pres­ence felt as it heads in from the At­lantic. It will bring windy con­di­tions to the north of Ire­land, with gusts of up to 50mph, and push down the mer­cury – just 54F (12C) in Belfast and in Plymouth, too, in the south-western cor­ner of Eng­land. Ev­ery­where will still be both­ered by the odd April shower, but later in the day there could be heavy down­pours in Wales.

And as we all get back to work and school on Mon­day, the sun­shine will come in ever-larger help­ings on that warm wind from the south and east. By Wed­nes­day, the south of Eng­land could hit 75F (24C), and this spring warmth will be shared all across the coun­try, with Scot­land nudg­ing up to 66F (19C). It will only be later in the week that the lows off to the west and south-west will man­age to make any progress in dis­lodg­ing the set­tled, sunny con­di­tions.

Gloom may be de­press­ing, but at least it doesn’t do phys­i­cal dam­age. Thun­der­storms are an­other mat­ter, and some­times they strike at hu­mankind’s best ef­forts at leav­ing a mark on the planet. In the north­ern In­dia city of Agra this past week, thun­der, light­ning and winds of 80mph top­pled two 12-foot minarets at the gates to the world-fa­mous Taj Ma­hal.

A pic­nic in Bath, where tem­per­a­tures have risen over the past few days

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