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“One only hopes it doesn’t prompt an out­break of bad den­tistry jokes.”

That was the re­ac­tion of Pop­ple­ton’s own Head of Den­tistry, Pro­fes­sor Phil McCav­ity, to the news that BPP Univer­sity, which is owned by a for-profit pri­vate equity group, had shut down a den­tistry course after it failed to meet Gen­eral Den­tal Coun­cil stan­dards.

Pro­fes­sor McCav­ity told The Pop­ple­to­nian that he had al­ready en­coun­tered one re­port

of the clo­sure that was head­lined “Painful cav­ity as BPP pulls course”.

Such glib re­course to puns threat­ened to ob­scure the emo­tional is­sues raised by the clo­sure. “It’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber”, said Pro­fes­sor McCav­ity, “that den­tists also have fill­ings.”

He hoped that the BPP tu­tors would not feel too down in the mouth about the clo­sure and would brace them­selves for the chal­lenges that lay ahead.

A spokesper­son for BPP said that he was “be­wil­dered” by the sud­den clo­sure. “As a for-profit provider, we’ve been hap­pily mak­ing suc­cess­ful ex­trac­tions from pub­lic funds for many years.” (On other pages: Bud­dhism and Den­tistry: how a be­lief in a higher power might al­low one to tran­scend den­tal med­i­ca­tion.)

I as­sume you know the drill

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