The Bombe

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In July 1939, Poland’s code-break­ing depart­ment gave the UK Govern­ment vi­tal in­for­ma­tion about Ger­many’s Enigma ma­chine. Poland was an ally to the UK dur­ing the war. To try and crack the mes­sages cre­ated by Enigma, Bletch­ley Park re­cruited some of the best math­e­ma­ti­cians in the coun­try. Two of these were Alan Tur­ing and Gor­don Welch­man. They cre­ated a ma­chine that could crack the code; the ma­chine was called the Bombe.

The Bombe was more than two me­tres wide and two me­tres tall. It had 12 miles of wiring and 97,000 dif­fer­ent parts, in­clud­ing 108 drums, which match the ro­tors of 36 Enigma ma­chines. It was ca­pa­ble of crack­ing codes within hours.

Gor­don Welch­man Alan Tur­ing

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