Sea mon­ster dis­cov­ered in In­dia

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On 25 Oc­to­ber, a team of sci­en­tists re­vealed the dis­cov­ery of what they think could be the first Juras­sic ichthyosaur to be found in In­dia.

Ichthyosaurs were marine rep­tiles that in­hab­ited the oceans be­tween 90 and 250 mil­lion years ago, when di­nosaurs roamed the land and pterosaurs dom­i­nated the skies.

They trav­elled the seas along­side sharks and their main food com­peti­tors, ple­siosaurs.

The team be­lieve that the In­dian ichthyosaur dates from the Juras­sic Pe­riod (be­tween 145 mil­lion and 201 mil­lion years ago). The re­mains of the skele­ton were found in­side rocks in the western state of Gu­jarat. The nearcom­plete 5.5-me­tre-long skele­ton was un­earthed af­ter 1,500 hours of dig­ging.

Gun­tu­palli V.R. Prasad, one of the re­searchers on the study, was shocked by the find. “We were ex­pect­ing only bone frag­ments,” he ex­plained. Prasad said that based on its teeth, the an­i­mal prob­a­bly ate fish, marine rep­tiles and shelled sea crea­tures, such as am­monites.

Ichthyosaurs were marine


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