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“Time flies like an ar­row; but fruit flies like a banana.” Grou­cho Marx, quoted in The Ob­server

“I like to write when I feel spite­ful. It is like hav­ing a good sneeze.” D.H. Lawrence, quoted in The Guardian

“We have a fi­nite en­vi­ron­ment – the planet. Any­one who thinks that you can have in­fi­nite growth in a fi­nite en­vi­ron­ment is ei­ther a mad­man or an econ­o­mist.” David At­ten­bor­ough, quoted in The Ob­server

“The only way to get 30 min­utes’ un­in­ter­rupted rest in a hospi­tal is to ring for a nurse.” Old South­ern say­ing, quoted on Forbes.com

“Any­one who has the power to make you be­lieve ab­sur­di­ties has the power to make you com­mit in­jus­tices.” Voltaire, quoted in The Wall Street Jour­nal

“Luck is not some­thing you can men­tion in the pres­ence of self-made men.” E.B. White, quoted in The Daily Tele­graph

“There is some­thing bizarre about the present pop­u­lar­ity of the word ‘mar­ket’ as a metaphor for hu­man so­ci­ety. Mar­kets are surely a good and nec­es­sary part of liv­ing to­gether, as are law courts and lava­to­ries. But none of these are a use­ful model for what hu­man so­ci­ety es­sen­tially is.” The­olo­gian Her­bert Mc­cabe, quoted in The Guardian

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