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First look for ob­vi­ous root causes: make ● sure there are no drip­ping pipes or leaky ra­di­a­tors, and that wa­ter isn't com­ing in through the roof or win­dow frames.

If that’s not the prob­lem, take steps to ● pre­vent the build-up of con­den­sa­tion. These in­clude putting lids on saucepans when cook­ing, open­ing bed­room win­dows for 15 min­utes ev­ery morn­ing and not hang­ing wet clothes in­doors to dry.

It helps to keep your home at a rel­a­tively ● con­stant, rel­a­tively warm tem­per­a­ture. Aim for at least 16°C in be­d­rooms and 18°C in living rooms; even when you’re out, tem­per­a­tures shouldn’t drop be­low 15°C.

Only try to wash off the mould, us­ing ● wet rags and mild de­ter­gent, if it’s caused by con­den­sa­tion, and cov­ers an area no big­ger than 10ft2.

When deal­ing with mould wear a mask, ● gog­gles and gloves, keep win­dows open and doors shut to stop the spores from spread­ing, and bag up and bin the rags.

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