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What were Laura­sia, Pan­gaea and Gond­wana? 2 Who be­came, in the Labour gov­ern­ment of 1929-31, the first fe­male cabi­net min­is­ter? 3 Which Amer­i­can home­opath lived at Hill­drop Cres­cent in Lon­don, un­til 1910? 4 Some 70,000 Bri­tish and Com­mon­wealth sol­diers were killed in the Third Bat­tle of Ypres, be­tween 31 July and 6 Novem­ber 1917. How is the bat­tle bet­ter known? 5 Of which coun­try was Simón Bolí­var (pic­tured) pres­i­dent? 6 Who was born in 1511, the first liv­ing son of Henry VIII? 7 What three words, as­so­ci­ated with Jim Cal­laghan (though he didn’t say them), helped bring down the Labour gov­ern­ment in 1979? 8 Which French leader es­tab­lished the Fifth Re­pub­lic? 9 Who, in 1901, wrote a po­lit­i­cal it­i­cal pam­phlet en­ti­tled “What is to be Done?” 10 Which coun­try (then a Bri­tish crown colony) was awarded the Ge­orge Cross for gal­lantry in 1942? The Cross has only been awarded on a col­lec­tive ba­sis twice. To what body was it given the sec­ond time, in 1999? 9? 11 The Magi (pic­tured) who vis­ited Christ af­ter his birth aren’t named in the Bible. What are they com­monly called in the Western Chris­tian tra­di­tion?


With what three let­ters are oto­laryn­gol­o­gists com­monly as­so­ci­ated? 8 The word “atom” is from the Greek ato­mos. What does it mean? 9 What is the word for the bound­ary be­tween two air masses? 10 Daisy, Deb­bie, Dianna and Denise were all what to Dolly? 11 Which Greco-ro­man as­tronomer, ge­og­ra­pher, poet and math­e­ma­ti­cian was re­spon­si­ble for the Al­magest? 12 What was the name of the Earth’s first ar­ti­fi­cial satel­lite? 13 What dan­gles 67 me­tres from the top of the Pan­théon build­ing in Paris?

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