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“The great­est trick the Devil ever pulled was con­vinc­ing the world he didn’t ex­ist.” Which film char­ac­ter ut­ters that line – and which poet was he para­phras­ing? 2 The Sound of Mu­sic (1965) was the big­gest gross­ing mu­si­cal of all time un­til 1978. What film knocked if off the top spot? 3 Phoenix Buchanan is the vil­lain in which film, re­leased this year? 4 Who was the first Dis­ney Princess, in a film re­leased in 1937? 5 Which fic­tional char­ac­ters hail from Smal­lville, Kansas Hill Val­ley, Cal­i­for­nia Toon­town 6 Bring on the Empty Horses was a mem­oir by which quintessen­tially Bri­tish star? For a bonus point, which di­rec­tor said it? 7 In which 1939 film is one char­ac­ter killed by a house and another with a bucket of water? In which 1964 film is a hat used as a mur­der weapon? What was the mur­der weapon in Ba­sic In­stinct? In which film does one char­ac­ter try to kill another with a type­writer? 8 La La Land (pic­tured) was mis­tak­enly named Best Pic­ture at this year’s Os­cars. Which two stars pre­sented the botched award? And what film had ac­tu­ally won? 9 Rick Deckard re­turned to the big screen this year – in what film? 10 Which clas­sic film fea­tures a preacher with the words “love” and “hate” tat­tooed on his knuck­les. 11 In John Buchan’s The Thirty-nine Steps, the chief en­emy spy is iden­ti­fied by his hooded eyes. What physical char­ac­ter­is­tic dis­tin­guishes him in Hitch­cock’s 1935 film ver­sion? – but in 1980, she won an Os­car nom­i­na­tion for her per­for­mance as a brittle be­reaved mother. Who was she? 2 Biddy Bax­ter made him a star of chil­dren’s TV – but he had no time for her. Who was he? 3 This ac­tress seemed quintessen­tially French – yet her mother was a Lan­caster lass from Old­ham. Name her. 4 “He isn’t me, but I wouldn’t mind be­ing him – he’s never put down or de­flated. He has the naivety of a child and the so­phis­ti­ca­tion of an adult.” Which well-loved au­thor said this, of his most fa­mous cre­ation? 5 Peter Hall was widely de­scribed as a ti­tan of Bri­tish theatre. With a stag­ing of which avant-garde play, never be­fore per­formed in Bri­tain, did he make his name in 1955? 6 Which af­fa­ble TV pre­sen­ter and jour­nal­ist was de­scribed by John Wayne as a “god­dam lib­eral pinko fag­got” (for laugh­ing at Wayne’s sug­ges­tion that the US might con­sider bomb­ing Moscow). 7 This Bri­tish ac­tor, who died in Jan­uary, never won an Os­car, but was nom­i­nated for a role in which his face was never seen. Who was he? 8 “Daz­zling, beau­ti­ful, hyp­notic and un­set­tling. Her smile – those car­niv­o­rous teeth! – oblit­er­ated ev­ery­thing. Other women evap­o­rated next to her.” Whose “sin­is­ter ap­peal” was Mar­i­anne Faith­full de­scrib­ing?


By what name is the Grav­elly Hill In­ter­change bet­ter known? 6 Which is the only US state named af­ter an English county? Which is the most west­erly US state? 7 Which coun­try was, un­til 2011, unique in hav­ing a flag that was en­tirely one colour, with no in­signia or other de­tails. 8 The Danube flows through four Euro­pean cap­i­tals. Name them. 9 On what con­ti­nent would you find the Great Di­vid­ing Range? 10 The 12th-cen­tury Angkor Wat tem­ple (bot­tom left) is the largest re­li­gious mon­u­ment in the world. In which coun­try is it? 11 With how many coun­tries does Ar­gentina share a bor­der?

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