Bil­lion­aire Elon yearns for a quiet fam­ily life

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Since an­nounc­ing that Tesla will pro­duce a car that will drive from LA to New York by the end of next year our Witch Twitch has gone into over­drive around its founder Elon Musk.

The bil­lion­aire busi­ness mag­nate, in­vestor and in­ven­tor – said to be the in­spi­ra­tion for Tony Stark, the ge­nius en­gi­neer played by Robert Downey Jr in the Iron Man movies – is some­thing of an enigma but that’s not stopped us from dows­ing his hid­den depths…


With a name like Elon Musk he was al­ways des­tined to be a player on the global stage – ei­ther that or a Sacre­mento-based pro­fes­sional skunk trapper. In nu­mero­log­i­cal terms his name char­ac­ter­is­tics de­note he op­er­ates on a higher spir­i­tual plane, is in­tu­itive, il­lu­mi­nated, an ide­al­ist and a dreamer.

It’s lit­tle won­der then that he’s so hell bent on get­ting to Mars with his SpaceX com­pany where he wants to cre­ate a bolt­hole for hu­man­ity.

Be­hind the facade

Our guides sug­gests Elon is not what he ap­pears – we’re not re­fer­ring to the fact he doesn’t seem to have aged in 30 years or that con­spir­acy the­o­rists are con­vinced he’s an alien here to save the planet.

There is some­thing rather other-worldly about him, how­ever, we pre­dict if you strip away the swag­ger and the stel­lar wealth, there’s a man-child like the Tom Hanks char­ac­ter in Big who’s rather shy, a bit goofy and a lit­tle awk­ward. De­spite the trap­pings of being a bil­lion­aire – the pri­vate jets, su­per­cars pala­tial pads around the world, Hol­ly­wood wives and girl­friends (more about them later) – we’re not con­vinced Elon is in it for the money or the lifestyle. We sense he’s more in­ter­ested in work­ing with his ideals, rather than in dol­lars and cents.


The cards sug­gest he is a born ro­man­tic and is deeply con­cerned and sup­port­ive of art, and beauty in any form. Per­haps that’s why he keeps mar­ry­ing Bri­tish ac­tress, writer and di­rec­tor and star of new HBO show West­world Talu­lah Ri­ley. They’ve tied the knot twice now, with each sub­se­quent di­vorce cost­ing Elon mil­lions in al­imony. We’re won­der­ing if it’s go­ing to be third time lucky for this star-crossed pair es­pe­cially as a re­cent Twit­ter ex­change be­tween the cou­ple in­cluded the hash­tag #Of­courseIstil­lloveyou from Ri­ley.

We’ve cast the runes and it would ap­pear she’s his kryp­tonite.

In­ner Se­cret

His soul is look­ing for a life of free­dom, ex­cite­ment and un­ex­pected hap­pen­ings. Yet, he har­bours a se­cret dream of sur­round­ing him­self with the per­fect fam­ily in the per­fect home. He’s al­ready well on his way in the depart­ment being a dad to five boys, a set of twins and triplets.

But the cards sug­gest there’s even more to come. His cup con­tin­ues to over­floweth.

Elon Musk with now ex-wife Talu­lah Ri­ley

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