Just what does this pea­cock think he’s do­ing?

Colour­ful bird takes up res­i­dence in car park on the Isle Of Dogs

The Wharf - - News - Laura En­field

A pea­cock has taken up res­i­dence in an Isle Of Dogs court­yard What? A pea­cock has taken up res­i­dence... Yes, I heard you, I’m just con­fused. Not as con­fused as res­i­dents Why? Where is this bird? It showed up one day in the court­yard of Lu­ralda Wharf in Saun­ders Ness Road Where has it come from? Well, that’s the mys­tery. Mud­chute Farm And Park doesn’t have pea­cocks as far as we know and so it could have es­caped from a pri­vate owner Could it be­long to the Queen? Se­ri­ously? That’s swans Well, it is the school hol­i­days. Maybe it fan­cied some sight­see­ing on the Thames, cruis­ing past the Tower Of Lon­don where the royal birds hang out. Maybe. Al­though it is just hang­ing around by a block of flats. It’s not ex­actly the ad­ven­tur­ous kind What’s it been do­ing? Mostly just chilling. Oc­ca­sion­ally get­ting it­self in a flap when the neigh­bours turn off Net­flix Surely it’s just lost. You’re a sharp one. Pecked your way right through that mys­tery didn’t you? Or in­jured? No, the res­i­dents called the RSPCA who checked it over and gave it a clean bill of health Oh. The puns have started. Why didn’t they take it? It’s not in­jured – they don’t dis­turb the nat­u­ral or­der of things Maybe it’s a wild pea­cock and is just rest­ing then? For four days so far. Maybe you’re right. It’s prob­a­bly tir­ing fly­ing with all those feath­ers. Wait. What? Pea­cocks can fly? Yes, males have been known to travel some dis­tance look­ing for a mate dur­ing breed­ing sea­son So it’s cruis­ing the Is­land look­ing for a lady? We’ve all done it Wouldn’t Ca­nary Wharf be more its scene? It even sounds like a bird Too much com­pe­ti­tion – have you seen the way the men strut of a lunchtime? Get­ting back to the mat­ter in hand, what do I do if I’ve lost pea­cock and recog­nise this one as mine? You email laura.en­field@wharf.co.uk and she’ll pass on your de­tails to the spot­ters... Pretty fly.

Do you know this bird? He’s spent days lost on the Isle Of Dogs and his neigh­bours are keen to help out

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