Brace yourself for highs and lows of tooth­care

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A fter 11 months of treat­ment from Dr Margi Bansal at Smile­pod in Ca­nary Wharf, LAURA EN­FIELD un­leashed her new smile. Here are the seven stages she went through along the way.

1. Ex­cite­ment

Ob­vi­ously. My teeth are about to be made per­fectly straight and shiny and white.

No more cring­ing at pho­tos of me, no more pick­ing spinach out from the wonky gaps.

So I’ll feel like a gawky teenager for a few months. It will be worth it when my smile goes from ugly duck­ling to beau­ti­ful swan.

2. Re­gret

What have I done? I have a brace. A

brace! I have to wear these things for months and my mouth is dry with panic and the wires are rub­bing my gums.

I can’t even con­sole my­self with a glass of red wine as it will hor­ri­bly stain the brack­ets and make me look like even more of a weirdo.

The urge to keep my mouth shut is even stronger than it was be­fore. No laugh­ing, no smil­ing.

3. Ac­cep­tance

My braces and I have come to a truce. As long as I soothe them with lots of wa­ter they have promised not to be so mean.

I’ve also dis­cov­ered the joys of the mac­a­roni cheese from Eat – no chew­ing re­quired and it is bliss­fully free from bright colours that could leave me with yel­low mouth.

It’s only a few months and they don’t hurt any­where near as much as I thought they would.

4. Doubt

Why is that tooth mov­ing like there? Surely it should be there.

They are even worse than when we started. What is my or­tho­don­tist do­ing in my mouth? I’m a Ca­nary Wharf worker, I live my life by or­der and rou­tine. I hate giv­ing up con­trol like this.

5. Hope

There are an aw­ful lot of ex­tra wires and elas­tic bands and things go­ing on in there now.

My mouth could pass as Ca­nary Wharf’s lat­est ab­stract sculp­ture.

I can feel my teeth mov­ing and it is painful at times.

Things are look­ing much bet­ter and I even plucked up the courage to talk to my or­tho­don­tist about my con­cerns.

She ex­plained what she was do­ing and even said she would try and cor­rect my mid­lines so my smile looked more even.

6. Trep­i­da­tion

My braces are com­ing off soon. That means more yank­ing around in my mouth than ever be­fore.

What if I don’t like my teeth once they’re naked again? Will my smile ac­tu­ally look how I imag­ined it would? And will it stay straight or fall back into dis­ar­ray like it did be­fore?

7. Eu­pho­ria

I’m free! My teeth are so smooth and lovely.

They look so great. The or­tho­don­tist re­ally did a great job. It was worth every penny and I feel so much more con­fi­dent and ready to face the world.

I’m hav­ing a tiny but of sen­si­tiv­ity from whiten­ing but that is easy to fix. Costs vary at Smile­pod be­tween £1,995 and £5,995, de­pend­ing on the treat­ment and method. Monthly pay­ment plans are avail­able to spread the cost.



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