Sonja Ro­go­jew says her gym’s tech can rad­i­cally cut your work­out times

Elec­tric suits prom­ise 90-minute work­out in just 25

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There can be a whiff of the 1980s about elec­tronic ex­er­cise equip­ment. But elec­tric mus­cle stim­u­la­tion (EMS) train­ing sys­tem Ex­erceo claims to de­liver 21st cen­tury re­sults.

Based at Can­non Work­shops, it prom­ises busy Ca­nary Wharf work­ers a quicker way to trim off that Christ­mas fat.

CEO Sonja Ro­go­jew said: “The con­cept is big in Europe but very new to the UK.

“It was de­vel­oped for use in re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion as it’s very joint-friendly. I saw the sys­tem in Ger­many, used it, and was im­pressed.

“We tar­get of­fice work­ers and busy peo­ple. They can come in a lunch break and do the equiv­a­lent of a 90-minute work­out in un­der half an hour.”

The EMS full body suit has elec­trodes all over it, de­liv­er­ing elec­tric im­pulses to all mus­cle groups and ad­min­is­tered dur­ing a light work­out of just 20 min­utes.

Im­pulses buzz on and off to ac­ti­vate the mus­cles, os­cil­lat­ing between work and rest, ap­par­ently.

The stim­u­la­tion claims to am­plify reg­u­lar work­outs, which is why it’s so quick – just 25 min­utes in to­tal, in­clud­ing a re­lax­ation stretch at the end.

Clients are given a cot­ton suit to wear un­der­neath the suit so no gym gear or train­ers are nec­es­sary.

“This is our se­cond stu­dio,” said Sonja. “We started a year ago in Moor­gate and have now set up in Ca­nary Wharf.

“We have seen some amaz­ing re­sults, from weight loss and ton­ing to im­prove­ments in pos­ture.

“You don’t need much space and we train in one-to-one or two-onone ses­sions, max. It’s very per­sonal and the trainer tai­lors each ses­sion to suit client needs.”

Con­vinced it’s not an­other ex­er­cise fad, Sonja said: “EMS is sci­en­tif­i­cally proven to work on your en­tire body. That’s 300 mus­cles at the same time – more than 80% of the to­tal. It re­ally works.

“Once peo­ple try it and see re­sults, they stick with it. We say it re­places 90 min­utes of gym be­cause you ac­ti­vate all the mus­cle groups on a deep level, which is im­pos­si­ble to do in such a short time in con­ven­tional train­ing.”

Sin­gle ses­sions cost £40.

Olivia Palam­oun­tain

Ex­erceo CEO Sonja Ro­go­jew says the EMS train­ing suits of­fer the equiv­a­lent of a 90-minute work­out in un­der half an hour

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