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CHRIS HUNT con­tin­ues his look back over a year of great ad­vice –and looks ahead to the rest of the year

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IGAVE you the first 26 weeks’ worth of take home points and quotes in last week’s ar­ti­cle so I am not go­ing to hang about to­day de­lay­ing shar­ing even more knowl­edge bombs. There were so many awe­some points from the first six months of Ev­ery Step Counts and to­day I want to share even more.

So start­ing with week 27; here we go:

We don’t eat enough fish as a pop­u­la­tion so sup­ple­ment­ing with some good qual­ity fish oils is a must. Go down your lo­cal su­per­mar­ket or jump on­line and buy a de­cent fish oil that con­tains be­tween 2-3g of com­bined EPA and DHA. This can be found eas­ily on the back of the pack.

Re­silience – Be strong and find ways to bounce back from chal­lenges or bad out­comes.

There is no such thing as a prob­lem, just an op­por­tu­nity to grow and learn a way to do some­thing bet­ter.

If you strug­gle with snack­ing af­ter din­ner and be­fore work then In­ter­mit­tent Fast­ing can work for you as the rules are quite rigid. You are not al­lowed to eat out­side the pro­to­col times so know­ing this can help with the men­tal strength some­times when you fancy that snack. Clearly a side fac­tor is that if you only have six hours to eat then it is highly likely you will eat less than if you have 12 hours to eat.

Take the fam­ily swim­ming as it is one of those ac­tiv­i­ties that is great for fam­ily bond­ing and burns so many calo­ries. I know that when we go swim­ming I come out shat­tered and the kids love it too. Use the time to be ac­tive and take ad­van­tage of ev­ery­one be­ing to­gether.

Sun ex­po­sure can im­prove sleep qual­ity.

This is due to Me­la­tonin lev­els dur­ing the day from sun­light. Get out­side, get that sun in your face and feel the ben­e­fits iron­i­cally later in the day.

The se­cret of change is to fo­cus all of your en­ergy, not on fight­ing the old but on build­ing the new.

For a quick im­ple­men­ta­tion tac­tic, when you fin­ish your next gym ses­sion, fin­ish off with 60 sec­onds of shadow box­ing then rest for 20 sec­onds and then shadow box again for an­other 60 sec­onds. I prom­ise you that you will have a new found re­spect for pro­fes­sional box­ers who can go 12 rounds against each other.

No one has the power to shat­ter your dreams un­less you give it to them.

Be­ing AUTHEN­TIC can be de­fined as “Com­ing from a real place within. It is when our ac­tions and words are con­gru­ent with your be­liefs and val­ues. It is be­ing our­selves, not an im­i­ta­tion of what we think we should be or have been told we should be.

Peo­ple with good in­ten­tions make prom­ises but peo­ple with good char­ac­ter keep them.

Cre­ate an ac­count­abil­ity part­ner at work or at home. De­cide on a game plan and stick to it.

Your part­ner can help you when you are start­ing to de­vi­ate away from the plan and vice versa.

One of the most im­por­tant things we adults can do for young chil­dren is to model the type of per­son we would like them to be.

A lot of peo­ple that I see on a reg­u­lar ba­sis can feel a mil­lion times bet­ter just by up­ping their wa­ter in­take.

It is not the strong­est of the species that sur­vive, nor the most in­tel­li­gent, but the one most re­spon­sive to change.

Read­ing and writ­ing helps your per­sonal growth. Try read­ing 10 pages each morn­ing.

Imag­ine do­ing this for one year. You’d have read 3,650 pages, or roughly 18 books!

Never ever un­der­es­ti­mate the im­por­tance of hav­ing fun. If you’re not hav­ing fun then you are do­ing some­thing wrong.

Spend 15 min­utes ev­ery morn­ing look­ing ahead to your day and see­ing what you have in store.

When look­ing for a place to train out of, look for a place that is in­spi­ra­tional and mo­ti­vat­ing. There are far too many places out there that set­tle and ac­cept av­er­age stan­dards. This area is awe­some for places to train as we have so many gyms, pri­vate stu­dios; pri­vate gyms and mo­bile train­ers so have a scout about and find the place that will mo­ti­vate you.

Have a unique skillset – Learn some­thing new or learn a new skill that no one else you know is skilled in. It’s fun learn­ing new things.

Val­ues are who you are even when no one is watch­ing.

High stan­dards are the foun­da­tion for great achieve­ments.

Both plea­sure and pain are great teach­ers; now use them both to move for­ward pos­i­tively.

You don’t get what you wish for…you get what you work for.

You are the av­er­age of the five peo­ple you spend the most time with. Who are you spend­ing the most time with?

Ac­count­abil­ity is the glue that ties com­mit­ments to re­sults.

And fi­nally, my favourite quote from last week’s ar­ti­cle that I would like to high­light again:

Why change to­mor­row when you can change to­day?

That’s a wrap for to­day and there you have the sec­ond six months’ worth of ar­ti­cles from our amaz­ing Ev­ery Step Counts col­umn.

I call it “our col­umn” as I feel we have been shar­ing a jour­ney since last year when I first started writ­ing for you and you started read­ing it and tak­ing pos­i­tive ac­tions.

Why stop there?

Do you want more?

I know I do so I am go­ing to do my best to make the last few months of 2017 the best that they can pos­si­bly be.

Thank you for the last 12 months, you have truly made my life bet­ter and I hope your life has im­proved too.

Happy Thurs­day, see you next week and let’s keep on smash­ing bar­ri­ers and ex­ceed­ing goals and stan­dards.

Read­ing daily will help you grow

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