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Dear Cllr Bowring:

This is a plea to make some ad­just­ments to park­ing charges in cen­tral Wok­ing­ham for the re­main­der of 2017.

I’m sure that you are aware of the con­cerns on this sub­ject among our small re­tail­ers.

Rev­enue in the last quar­ter of the year is of­ten the dif­fer­ence be­tween sur­vival and death for many small re­tail busi­nesses.

I sup­port many of the con­cerns and calls for tem­po­rary help ex­pressed by the pro­pri­etors of Wok­ing­ham Decor and Ste­fan’s Butch­ers as re­ported and ex­pressed in this week’s Wok­ing­ham Pa­per.

I ap­pre­ci­ate that car park rev­enue is im­por­tant to WBC in these hard times.

How­ever, I would sug­gest that the sur­vival of re­tail busi­nesses in Wok­ing­ham is of higher strate­gic pri­or­ity.

It is dif­fi­cult to see the wis­dom of our Re­gen­er­a­tion Com­pany in­vest­ing well in ex­cess of £100 mil­lion in new re­tail space when ex­ist­ing busi­nesses are threat­ened with ex­tinc­tion by in­flex­i­bil­ity in this re­spect.

Prospec­tive new ten­ants will do their re­search be­fore con­sid­er­ing

leas­ing new premises in our town cen­tre.

De­spite what ex­pla­na­tions the Re­gen­er­a­tion Com­pany might pro­pose, the clo­sure of M&S, Wether­spoons amd Cara branches will tell their own story.

This will lower the pri­or­ity of tar­get busi­nesses al­lo­cat­ing re­sources to opening a branch in Peach Place & Elms Field.

There­fore, it is re­ally ur­gent to take help­ful ac­tion for the re­main­ing weeks of this year. I urge you to do so.

I would add that park­ing lo­ca­tion, avail­abil­ity and charg­ing are in­te­gral and sig­nif­i­cant com­po­nents of the re­tail propo­si­tion of any lo­ca­tion.

Wok­ing­ham Bor­ough Coun­cil must recog­nise that a stand-alone view of the fi­nances of park­ing could threaten the suc­cess of our Re­gen­er­a­tion pro­ject. David Nash, via email

I would like to sup­port David Nash’s com­ments here and to ask if it would be pos­si­ble to de­lay the resur­fac­ing work in the Market Place un­til after Christ­mas in the hope that footfall will in­crease along with tak­ings pre- Christ­mas.

At the mo­ment the town is so quiet that the traf­fic is even man­ag­ing to flow pretty freely. Pat Smith, Chair GLRA

Park­ing should be free and Lang­bor­ough should be open both ways. We live in Gipsy Lane and it is a night­mare to get any­where in Wok­ing­ham at the mo­ment! Anita Stein, via Face­book

Drove through to­day and didn’t bother stop­ping.. it was like a ghost town.. the coun­cil have gone mad al­low­ing all the works to go on at the same time as Brack­nell re­opened.

Such a shame to see the town in this state! Ian Clark, via Face­book

The whole town has been a mess for months, they’ve been do­ing work to the cy­cle lane on Read­ing Road, be­tween Sains­bury and the Woose­hill round­about since be­fore the sum­mer, dug it up and put it back and I am strug­gling to see what the money has been spent on, I can’t see any dif­fer­ence apart from dodgy bro­ken curb stones! Ruth Webb, via Face­book

I don’t un­der­stand why the coun­cil hasn’t at least made park­ing free whilst the works are going on. I know that doesn’t solve the is­sues of the roads be­ing closed but it would be a ges­ture to en­cour­age peo­ple to still use the town. Ka­t­rina Dev­ereuxm, via Face­book

The one-way re­stric­tion for Lang­bor­ough Road is to keep Den­mark Street flow­ing not be­cause of work on the road.

How­ever, I have seen more than 15 cars and lor­ries turn­ing on the mini round­about be­cause the sig­nage is not clear enough at the Welling­ton Road round­about and sat nav sys­tems do not recog­nise it as closed.

The road chaos is crazy. Keep­ing Den­mark Street flow­ing is fail­ing due to the traf­fic lights at the sta­tion. These need to be ad­justed whilst these works are on­go­ing.

I agree that we need free park­ing to en­cour­age peo­ple into the town and a re­duc­tion in rates for in­de­pen­dent traders. Amanda Kirby, via Face­book

And even if you do cy­cle into town, most of the places you used to be able to lock your bike have been re­moved. Sarah Burgess, via Face­book

Surely park­ing should be free while all this stuff is going on, peo­ple may not be put off as much? Seema Wil­son, via Face­book

It is ut­ter chaos in Wok­ing­ham at the mo­ment. There’s only about 75 yards of road closed and it’s bringing the while town to a stand­still. It’s tak­ing over an hour to do a school run that nor­mally takes 30 min­utes. Dar­ron Love, via Face­book

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