Back to the stone age at Butser Farm

The Wokingham Paper - - EDUCATION - By TRAVIS, RUBY AND OLLIE From Even­dons School

ON Wed­nes­day, April 25, year 3 and 4 went on a school trip to Butser Farm. We went to learn lots about the Stone Age and we also got to do some tra­di­tional ac­tiv­i­ties.

First, we got on the coach ready for a bor­ing jour­ney. It took about one hour and a half to get there. Fi­nally, we got off the coach amaz­ingly quickly.

Next, we put our bags in the Stone Age house. We all went into the round­house to go through all of the safety rules and to have a talk about the Stone Age.

Our first ac­tiv­ity was ‘clunch­ing’. We were clunch­ing be­cause we were try­ing to make a mud wall. You need mud, straw, chalk and wa­ter. It was very sticky so I wouldn’t rec­om­mend it for those who do not like gooey things!

Next, we used a stick ham­mer to bash the chalk. Then you put mud and wa­ter in and take some and roll it into a ball. Fi­nally, you throw it and flat­ten it with your hand to make the wall.

Then, we moved onto our next ac­tiv­ity, ‘cordage’.

This was one of our favourite ac­tiv­i­ties and we’re sure of it!

First, you got a piece of some­thing like string which was called raf­feta. You had to fold and twist it, then thread it through. When you had done that, you at­tached a bead on to it. That was the hard­est bit!

A few min­utes later, we got a piece of chalk and turned it green. It sounds like magic, how­ever it is not! We had a sting­ing net­tle which we rubbed against the rock and that made it green. With a piece of flint (what they used in the Stone age) we carved in a spi­ral shape onto the piece of rock.

Af­ter our morn­ing ac­tiv­i­ties, we joy­fully walked to lunch but sud­denly when we were eat­ing our lunch it started to hail. Luck­ily, we were eat­ing inside a round­house and we couldn’t feel a rain­drop.

Fi­nally, it was time for pot­tery, no or­di­nary pot­tery but pot­tery us­ing clay from the ground. When I fin­ished, I was very happy I had been to Butser Farm.

On the way back to school Ruby said hap­pily “My favourite ac­tiv­ity by far was the pot­tery.”

We would rec­om­mend Butser Farm to fam­i­lies with chil­dren or with­out chil­dren.

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