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ALL through­out Eng­land, at ev­ery school you hap­pen to come across you will find a lol­lipop lady, so named be­cause of the long sticks they hold.

They are there to tell chil­dren when it’s safe to cross.

They wait for a gap in the early morn­ing traf­fic and hold up their sticks to sig­nal cars to stop and al­low the mul­ti­ple school chil­dren to cross so they can be­gin their day of fun and learn­ing.

Or so it seems…

The truth of all cross­ing ladies be­gins with one of many par­ents who are grumpy, tired and al­ways in a hurry. This par­tic­u­lar mother has to lit­er­ally drag her son to school to­day.

She has to go to work quite soon and can’t af­ford to be made late again by Josh, her son.

In her hasti­ness, this mum makes the reck­less de­ci­sion to ig­nore Ruth, the cross­ing lady at Josh’s school, and speed­ily drags her son into the road. But she only gets one step away from the pave­ment be­fore Ruth springs into ac­tion, do­ing what she of­ten does!

At the speed of light, Ruth bashes her lol­lipop stick to the floor, freez­ing time – and the bat­tle com­mences.

Ruth hit the in­vis­i­ble mon­ster, just miss­ing it as it ducks and lies on the car, as flat as it pos­si­bly can.

The beast uses one of its long ten­ta­cles to grip the poor woman’s throat be­fore bit­ing her nose in an at­tempt to yank it right off her face.

While the ugly crea­ture in front of her was dis­tracted with her nose Ruth hit the mon­ster three times: one to knock its ten­ta­cle away from her neck, the sec­ond to rip the suck­ers clean off the car and the third to hit it into a par­al­lel uni­verse far, far away.

These mon­sters are road trolls and are one hun­dred per-cent hideous flesh. They come in all dif­fer­ent colours, with a dozen eyes dot­ted around a blob of a head.

In­stead of legs the road trolls have suck­ers to at­tach them­selves to cars; each Troll hav­ing about five.

In­stead of arms they have ten­ta­cles vary­ing in length of up to three me­tres and are ab­so­lutely smoth­ered in warts and scars.

Hav­ing bashed the troll off the car Ruth un­froze time. Com­pletely obliv­i­ous to what Ruth had done,

Josh’s mother fin­ishes her jour­ney ir­ri­tated at the cross­ing lady. Ruth couldn’t help but smile.

Ruth, like all other cross­ing ladies, started out as an av­er­age adult un­til called upon by a se­cret so­ci­ety of oth­ers who also have the gift of see­ing the road trolls. From there, Ruth ful­filled her duty of freez­ing time, bat­tling road trolls and ban­ish­ing them from the planet.

And al­though only a small num­ber of peo­ple are aware of it, Ruth joined all other cross­ing ladies and be­came a su­per hero.

So next time you see a lol­lipop lady be sure to thank them – prefer­ably with­out re­veal­ing their se­cret.

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