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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered In the spotlight HELENE, SKYE STITCHING & PHOTOS 14-count white aida, pre-sorted Anchor threads and a needle for £8.99. Alternativ­e colours are available on request, too. We also have our ‘Stitch a Photo Design Service’ where we produce bespoke patterns to customer requests. So, if your husband can provide a copyright-free image of his truck of choice, we’ll turn it into a custom chart. Kits start from £26.99 or chart only from £12.99. Patterns are sent in a binder and all kit threads pre-sorted onto an organiser card. As a stitcher myself I’ve found these extras make for a much easier experience. King of the road I’m trying to find a truck kit or chart that is not Eddie Stobart. Can you help please? My husband makes model trucks and I would like to stitch one for his tablecloth when he shows. Q Catherine Early, via Facebook What a great hobby and idea to stitch a project in-keeping with his passion! There are not too many non-branded truck patterns on the market, but here at Skye Stitching & Photos* we created this realistic ‘Red Cartoon Truck’ (TT001) that could fit the bill. It measures 20x15cm (8x6in) and comes as a kit with Helene: A King of the road Helene helps Catherine find a non-branded truck design Buying magazine back issues Sewing machine Just because a machine costs more doesn’t mean it's better I’m looking for a print copy of issue 292 (April 2020) in the US. Barnes and Noble seem to be the only place I’ve found it in stock, and they are currently 1-2 months behind the current issue. Can I buy a copy of this issue direct from the publisher? Q Ann Carstens, via Facebook You can buy back issues of our latest titles for worldwide delivery via our Buy Subscripti­ons* website, but I’m afraid issue 292 is now out of stock. It’s still available as a digital edition via our app, although I appreciate this may not be what you wanted. The best way to ensure you don’t miss any future issues is to subscribe – you’ll find details on the site above. Hannah F: A Washing patterned fabric of your fabric it would be difficult to tell whether it is simply printed or over-dyed and how best to wash it. If you’re unsure, avoid using any detergent and just wash in plain water. It’s worth contacting the manufactur­er to see what they suggest. I’ve not finished this project but as it’s on a printed pattern background I was wondering how to wash it once I’m done? I’m worried the coloured background will run into the threads. Q Looking for a sewing machine What’s the best sewing machine to buy to use for making projects like in your magazine? Hannah Salmon, via email Q Will Brittan, via Facebook Printed fabric is tricky to advise on, as it’s got different properties to hand-dyed fabric where the entire threads are coloured. Printed fabrics have the colour applied digitally using special ink solutions, normally just on the top of the fabric. Although some suppliers, such as Sew-it-All*, use an ‘over-dyed’ process, which makes the colour penetrate deeper into the weave fibres. Without knowing the exact properties Fiona: A I’m so happy you’re looking to buy a sewing machine to use with your completed stitching. We use a Janome* machine here on but there are many others on the market, too. My suggestion would be to work out your budget first of all, as there’s various price ranges to consider, then research the best machines within this limit. However, remember most expensive doesn’t always mean best! Some machines are capable of doing embroidery or have other more advanced features too, which can be expensive extras if you’ll never use them. So, first make a list of what it is you want to make, and the stitches required, then narrow your search to machines that suit. We can’t wait to see what you make first! Heather: A The World of Cross Stitching, Washing patterned fabric Hannah is concerned about washing her finished project 34 The World of Cross Stitching

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