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Project Mug Cosies : 43 : 43

Project Mug Cosies

Project Mug Cosies 20 30 40 50 60 do perfect backstitch How to... W W Using the backstitch technique is a wonderful way to add detail and definition to a piece. Bring your needle up at (1) & down at (2), come up again at (3), then back down at (1) and so on, to direct each stitch ‘back’ towards the line of the growing backstitch. W W 3 1 2 Hocus Pocus chart (right) 20 30 40 50 60 TINA, PRODUCTION EDITOR Fancy dress is my thing, so I love Halloween. I also love hot drinks and never turn down a tea round – drinking or making! I’d stitch the set as mini gifts for my teammates to get them into the spooky spirit and thank them for all the brews. W W W W Caffeine Potion chart (right) make a mug cosy TOP TIP How to... Match the brown wording in the on the ‘Witch’s Brew’ design to the shade of brown that you like your tea to help steer teamaking pals in the right direction to three squares and fray one block. Then back your stitching with medium-weight iron-on interfacin­g. chosen felt colour to 25x8cm (9 x3 in), rounding off the corners for a smoother finish. sew the stitched piece centrally onto your felt. to the front of your felt – position it on the centre of one of the short edges. elastic to the back of your felt panel along the other short edge, lining it up with your button. Why not use a thin elastic hair band in a matching colour as your loop? 1 Trim your stitching 2 Cut out your 3 Machine or hand 4 Attach a button 5 Attach a loop of 43 The World of Cross Stitching

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