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Badger Pair Project

Badger Pair Project Badger Pair key Shopping list Cross stitch in two strands Zweigart* 28-count light blue (562) cashel linen measuring 41x45cm (16 x17 in) Stranded cotton as listed in the key Size 24 tapestry needle Frame and mount of your choice with a minimum aperture of 26x30cm (10 x11 in) DMC Anchor Madeira 307 310 350 352 372 413 420 437 472 644 646 648 712 733 739 762 780 801 832 936 976 3347 3820 3822 289 403 11 9 853 236 374 362 253 830 8581 900 926 280 366 234 309 359 907 269 1001 265 306 295 104 2400 213 303 2110 1713 2104 2012 1414 1814 1812 1813 2101 1611 2014 1804 2212 2007 2202 1507 2010 1408 2509 2511 yellow black red coral khaki grey hazelnut brown tan lettuce green light stone grey dark stone grey stone grey light cream olive green cream light grey old gold brown golden tan avocado green ginger green gold light gold i TOP TIP W < We like the idea of mounting the stitching in a tea tray to give you a window on such world a perfect whenever you for stop a beverage break q M Thread & fabric cost J Approximat­ely £40 l *For stockists see page 90 v [ 4 f j ; p h 3 G H 9 { 1 n Y u stitch a larger design Backstitch in one strand How to... ––––– 310 646 403 8581 2400 1812 black dark stone grey ––––– French knots in one strand 739 366 2014 cream O A big project is an exciting challenge with a very satisfying end result. Here are a few of our top tips to keep you going: • Grid your fabric and work in small chunks. Working in 10x10 grid sections makes it easier to keep count of your stitches. Use a washable fabric marker or pencil to mark up your fabric into sections, or try using easy-count aida which comes with gridlines that wash away. 143 high x 165 wide 14 HPI (28-count evenweave) – 26x30cm (10 x11 in) STITCH COUNT DESIGN AREA SKEINS NEEDED 3x310 3x936 (black), (avocado • Before starting a big project, take time beforehand to sort out all the threads you need onto an organiser. green) Hazel Henry STITCHED BY This design was stitched using DMC stranded cotton • Take frequent breaks • If you’re stitching to a deadline, time how long it takes you to stitch a 10x10 square. Then work out how many squares you need to complete each week to finish the project. Sara from stitching to keep your eyes fresh and fingers nimble. To help prevent eye strain, every 20 minutes take a 20-second break and focus your eyes on something 20 feet away. READER PANEL I love this fall scene. You would have to get really close to the piece to realise that it’s not a painting! My aunt has a ranch and I think that this would look amazing on the log cabin-style walls in her living room. • If you feel like you’re losing steam and want a quick win to keep you going, it’s perfectly fine to take a break for a little while and work on a smaller project instead. Our exclusive gifts each month are a good size for this. • Photocopy the pattern and cross off your stitches, keeping track of where you are. If the design is especially detailed, photocopy the chart at 200% so you can see the thread symbols more easily. 61 The World of Cross Stitching

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