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Reusable Bowl Covers Project : 66 : 66

Reusable Bowl Covers Project

Reusable Bowl Covers Project make your very own reusable bowl covers How to... canvas to the centre of your chosen fabric. Make sure that the fabric is at least 5cm (2in) larger than you want the finished cover to be. Work out this size by following instructio­ns in step 3. Then stitch your design onto the soluble canvas. 1 Tack your soluble the ends of your stitching are secured and then remove your tacking stitches. Trim away any excess soluble canvas. To remove the rest of the soluble canvas, carefully follow the packet instructio­ns. Allow to dry completely and then press. 2 Check that all of your bowl and add 8cm (3in) to that measuremen­t, then divide by 2 to get the radius for your cover. Take your stitched panel of fabric and fold in half twice (with the stitching in the centre). from the centre of the design (point where the folds meet) to your radius measuremen­t. Connect the points to create a smooth circle, then cut around through all the layers. Unfold and press. Use as a template to cut out your backing fabric. 3 Measure the diameter 4 Plot out points on your sewing machine to attach the elastic around the back edge of the circle. Begin stitching in place and then pull the elastic as taut as you can. Continue to stitch around the circle, keeping the tension on the elastic consistent. sides of the fabric together, pin all the way around. Sew a 1cm ( in) seam around the edge, leaving a 4cm (1 in) gap for turning. Trim away excess from the seam using pinking shears, except along the gap. Turn through, press and slip stitch gap closed. 6 Use zigzag stitch 5 With the right 66 The World of Cross Stitching

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