The World of Cross Stitching : 2020-08-07

Harvest Cards Project : 72 : 72

Harvest Cards Project

Harvest Cards Project 20 10 10 20 i 20 Sara READER PANEL 10 Thanksgivi­ng is a pretty big deal over here in the States. Lots of times, my family will send cards to each other for fall and Thanksgivi­ng. These cards are cute and simple – perfect to brighten anyone’s day! The lace on the bottom adds a touch of simple charm to the cards. These are great cards and are certain to be kept by all who receive them. 10 20 i TOP TIP Plot out a simple backstitch alphabet on graph paper to use these motifs with your own bespoke sentiments 20 10 10 20 G G G 20 10 10 20 G G G G The World of Cross Stitching 72

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