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Halloween Wreath Project

Halloween Wreath Project make a wreath How to... 10 10 20 1 Spray paint your 30.5cm (12in) rattan wreath, following the can’s safety instructio­ns. Repeat if required and allow to dry fully. motifs with colourcoor­dinating iron-on interfacin­g. Following the shape of your design, trim your stitching to an approximat­e two square border. stitch your stitched pieces onto felt in a complement­ary colour. Trim the felt with a 0.5cm ( in) border. 13x18cm (5 x7in) rectangle of black card. Cut out your stitched ‘Trick or Treat’ text panel with a three square border and fray to one square. Use acid-free doubleside­d tape to stick to the centre of the card. each corner of the card using a hole punch. Then use ribbon to tie the card to the wreath through each hole so that it’s suspended centrally. 2 Back your stitched 10 3 Hand or machine 3 3 4 Cut out a 10 5 Make holes in 6 Use matching felt to cut out star and moon shapes. Lay all your stitched motifs and felt shapes out onto your wreath to plan out your positionin­g. Using strong clear craft glue (or a glue gun), stick your motifs into position and allow to dry fully before hanging. 20 20 10 10 20 T T T T 20 10 Roberto READER PANEL 10 The Halloween wreath looks like a lot of fun to stitch. It would be perfect to hang up in the window to attract the trick or treaters. In fact, I could make a couple of them for my family members to enjoy, too. 20 80 The World of Cross Stitching

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